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Your GM needs You!

Help the GM out, donate and spread the word / link please


Please Donate to help with website costs and upgrades. Donations are also used for Guild buffs and other events. On certain occations, donations can be used for other more important matters as well.

NO PKING: This means no killing other players. No hunting pkers. No killing pinks. No killing red.
No killing bots. You may however defend yourself, guildies, party members and
NO KSING: No killing of other peoples kills. It's rude.
NO BEGGING: No begging anyone in the game (guildies or none guildies).
WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE: No cussing or profane talk. Some of us don't like it, some of us let our
children play in guild, and it's rude.
RESPECT EACH OTHER: Be respectful to your fellow guildie, party members, and ROHANians.
DONATE FOR BUFFS: Level 40 and under are to donate 10k a day or 70k a week. Level 41 to 80
are to donate 20k a day or 140k a week. Level 81 and up are to
donate 30k a day or 210k a week. You don't have to for each
character in the guild. It's for each person not each charecter. So
please be sure to list your alts (other characters of yours in the
guild). Those who have not donated will be unranked before buffs
are givin therefore will not receive them.
BE ACTIVE: Be on. Any member who has not logged in in over a month will be kick. Again this is
for each person not each character If your going to be gone more than 2 weeks
notify me or a leader.
LEVEL UP: Upon joining the guild you have 1 month to reach level 50. After that no less than 1
level a month. After level 75 you are a permanemt member of the guild.
AKHMA CAVE IS OFF LIMITS IF OVER 30: To much crap being caused by higher members going
there, so if your over 30 you're not
suppose to be there. If you want to do a
boss run there talk with a commander or
HAVE FUN: After all that's why we're all here.
Futhermore from now on if me and the leaders feel you are not good for the guild and it would be best for the guild for you to go you will be kicked. To many have caused crap for the guild without really breaking any rules so I wouldn't kick them. No more. Break a rule or not if we feel you need to go your gone.

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